The Kingdom of Doradell Tucked deep between two mountain-spurs, this valley Kingdom is isolated from the rest of the known (or, more accurately; unknown) world. At its widest, in the eastern highland, the valley is about ten miles north to south, and the breadth of the Kingdom is a mere thirty miles east to west. The eastern third of the Kingdom rises sharply. Only two small human settlements exist in this region, Culldair and Fonsfurd, both of which are nothing more than an extended family which tends goats and sheep on the grassy slopes that sit between the higher altitude evergreens to the east and the deciduous birch of the central valley. The land is traversed by a rocky creek, known as “The Rushing”, which races a good thirty five miles from its upper reach in the eastern Treeline Wood down to the falls of Pyreside to the west.

The Kingdom of Doradell